All Reasons Why Email goes Into the Spam Box

Email Spamming is sending an unsolicited message over the internet with the help of electronic messaging system. Email spam occurs due to sending emails repeatedly to the same site and to a large number of peoples for the purpose of advertising, spreading malware and phishing.

You are not a spammer but some of your email sending styles can actually resemble those of spammers without even realizing it. This means you have to convince the ISP’s like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo that your email is not a spam and you are not a spammer.

When recipients get the email having the unrequested information, they mark an email as a spam hence goes into recipients spam box.

In conclusion, Do you want to know how can you stop the email spamming? First of all, you must understand the reason why email spamming occurs.


1. Unrequested Content Or Spam Words And Phrases In Email

The user subscribes for your service and you’re sending unrequested content. You’re emailing with things about they didn’t sign up for. An example you registered for news about government jobs and you’re emailing them with cloth shopping images and text. As a result, a user may not satisfy with your service and put you in the spam box.

There’s a listing of words and phrases has to avoid from an email. The use of these phrases has given an email service provider the impact of mail hasn’t always wanted from the subscribers. Therefore, as a result, your mail finishing right into a junk mail.

Don’t use spamming words and contents in your email. Since you are unsure what you are emailing don’t send it. Send the requested content only.


2. Email Didn’t Include ‘Unsubscribe’ Link

Recipients hate after they can’t discover your unsubscribe link. In case of hidden unsubscribe link or in small font, users will surely report the spam. It’s more difficult to unsubscribe for recipients that need to leave. Hiding Unsubscribe link reduces trust.

Regardless of how precious you think your email campaigns are, you have to give your subscribers an authority to out. In case you don’t give unsubscribe link your email goes into the spam box. Hence, at the bottom of your emails includes an ‘unsubscribe’ link or a comparable option.


3. Emails Come From One IP Address

Most organizations send two sorts of emails first is advertising (newsletters) and transactional (computerized purchase confirmation). In case you send both of these from one IP address then there is a chance both of transactional and advertising email will come to the spam box.

Your Email address must be valid. Subscribers won’t be able to reply any questions if you are using invalid send-from/reply-to address.

If your enterprise isn’t sending from dedicated IP’s. Ensure your email provider offers the potential to split advertising and transactional mail stream into separate shared IP environment. This means sending advertising and transitional emails from separate domain names. It is likewise becoming great practices.

For example, you are a web hosting seller having company name The sender addresses with different domain like,

Advertising email:

Transactional email:


4. Emails Are Too Small Or Too Large

Emails which are too small are possible to land you in the spam folder. Now, Spammers have a tendency not to be content marketers in disguise. They regularly stick with short phrases which get proper to the point. As an instance: “Order laptops, luggage and jewelry at discount prices.”

Emails which might be too large are an ache for every person. They will take a long time to load. It almost truncated when hit its size.

Therefore, emails must greater than 500 characters and less than 25MB to keep away from flagged as spam. If it genuinely less than 500 characters, be sure to add a helping picture in an email. For large emails reduce your text and compress images.


5. Emails Are Image-Only

Spammers like hiding textual content of their emails inside images to keep away from detection of certain spammy keywords. Email service providers are actually suspicious when they locate image-only email. This result in putting these email into the spam box.

There are certain email providers which even has a tendency to block the images by default.

Include images with text and keep your image to text ratio low. Optimize your images by compressing, Use fonts that work across the platform like Arial, Times new roman, and Verdana.


6. Buying An Email List Is Not Good

The Email provider doesn’t admire the concept of a purchased email listing. If you buy an email list you would be sending emails to individuals who haven’t given you the permission to accomplish that. This could make them placed your email to spam. So it will affect your popularity with the Email provider.

The email list available in the market is of terrible quality. It mostly having fake addresses or inactive ones. They often include spam tags. This will result in some of the undelivered emails and consequently one extra reason for the email service provider to blacklist you.

If you need email list then convince users to subscribe to newsletters. Probably you get their emails.


7. There’s No Confirmation Email After Sign Up

Authenticating your sending domain basically means confirming you are the sender you say you’re. Email authentication is a way to make sure an email provider like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail will be able to recognize the organization sending incoming message.

Most of all here are the common ways to authenticate your Sending domain: Sender policy framework (SPF) DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Domain-based Message Authentication, reporting, and Conformance (DMARC)


8. An Unknown, Unrecognized Send From Email Address

Do you have more than one websites? In which your fans and subscribers can join up product? Make sure the send-from email and domain you operate must have to know. If user unknown to your email address or they can’t recognize you they’ll assume it’s a spam.


9. Email Spamming As Poor Traffic Quality

Visitors aren’t necessarily arriving at your website as they have interested in you. They’re getting unsatisfied outcomes from you. Those visitors can forget about who you are or what they signed up for by the time they get an email from you in their inbox.

So when Emails have a low open rate, they could be in higher danger of flagged as a spam. To increase open rates send emails at the proper time, with perfect subject lines. Maintain visitors list and keep your list fresh.


10. Misleading Email Subject Lines

It’s good to have a proper email subject line. However don’t be misleading. Don’t use a phrase like a buy, sell, offer, discount. Especially, These words associated with promoting and selling product or service. Email providers mark it as a spam.

Don’t trick subscribers. Don’t talk about enclosed account information if there has no account involved, and don’t give unrelated hints for whatever inside there.


11. Lack Of Expectations And Inconsistent Email

The users subscribe to your service or emails but they aren’t clear about why they sign up for. Sending too frequently or infrequently emails may cause your subscribers to forget why they are getting your emails. When a customer gives you an email address it’s your responsibility to send consistent emails.

If you are sending inconsistent and an unexpected content email they may unsubscribe from your service. The result is your email goes into the spam box.


12. HTML And Text Both Required

Your emails composed of two components one in HTML, another in text format. HTML not able to display on certain mobile devices.  Therefore, on such devices email with only HTML content open as an empty email. That’s why textual content becomes essential.

Similarly, Email Service Providers compare the content of your Html model and text model to ensure they’re identical. The use of best email Service provider to create and send emails, resulting in these two versions get creat automatically.

If you are sending emails via SMTP or API, most noteworthy you definitely have to ensure two identical variations are present.


13. Subscriber Didn’t Remember You

Emails sending to subscribers who’ve been inactive on the list for a long term is risky and no longer price effective.

It usually happens user ignores your emails. You send emails and seems like your subscriber didn’t open them for a long time. They likely not involved anymore and more likely to complain. The Email provider always looks for which emails are inactive, not open for months. They have filters for it. Hence next time when you send emails directly goes into spam box, not in inbox.

The Email provider ensures you always have almost the best experience with their service. So they inbox you with emails you want and unwanted emails go into the spam box.


These are the different reasons for email spamming and try to avoid while emailing someone. If you are an email receiver it will help you understand which are spammy emails. Which emails you have to put in the spam box. If you are sender understand these points while writing Email to anyone.

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