CleanTalk Anti-Spam Plugin for Websites

CleanTalk Anti-Spam Service is for websites, forums, blogs, and boards. They use protection methods that are invisible to the website visitors. Connecting to CleanTalk eliminates any need of Captcha, question and answers, puzzles, math, counting animals and other protection methods that complicates your website.


Features of CleanTalk:

  • Imperceptible protection against spam
  • Algorithms to ensure reliability and accuracy against bots.
  • Real-time statistics allowing you to control the process completely.
  • All-in-one for forms, comments, registration, feedback, and contacts form protection. No need to install additional plugins for each form.
  • Save resources and increase the performance of a website
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Free mobile application


CleanTalk Offers following solutions:

  • Anti-Spam for websites
  • Database API
  • WordPress security
  • SSL Certificate
  • Hosting Anti-Spam
  • Spam Firewall


[1] CleanTalk Anti-Spam:

CleanTalk Protects your website form Spam through,

  • Comments
  • Registration
  • Contact Emails
  • Orders
  • Bookings
  • Subscriptions
  • Widgets
  • Any custom web form


How does CleanTalk Anti-Spam Work?

The CleanTalk Cloud service is an automatic and invisible spam protection for websites. When any form is submitted they analyze visitor behavior. Also, evaluates the form parameters.

Install cleanTalk on any website. The anti-spam module captures the parameters of a visitor or a spambot. Furthermore, These parameters are analyzed. Finally, the service makes a decision for a post. Whether it’s a visitor’s message or a spam and reject it.

Cleantalk forms its own list of email addresses used by spambots. based on checks. Like form visitor’s registration is checked. The CleanTalk not only blacklist email addresses but also IP addresses. Also, domain names of the website that are captured through Spam.

The CleanTalk developed unique algorithms to analyze the behavior of visitors. All this happens automatically, therefore, no need for a website owner to take any action.

CleanTalk Anti-Spam Price:



[2] Fraud Protection with CleanTalk Database:

CleanTalk has one of the biggest spam activity database of IP and email addresses. Everyday CleanTalk gets information. About thousands of new spam IP’s and emails. Some of these IP’s and email are used for card fraud. Today you have to do lots of online transactions. Therefore Cleantalk helps you to detect bad IP address and emails.

You can check on CleanTalk Blacklist Database for Spam IP. It allows you to block spammers and other malicious activities. Every record of the database is collected from CleanTalk plugin and API from several sites. For checking on CleanTalk Database blacklist you have to buy a separate license – Database APT. This API uses SPAM_CHECK method.

SPAM_CHECK methods search in last 6 month of spam history and result accordingly. It also knows if an email exists or not.

CHECK_NEWUSER or CHECK_MESSAGE search last 2 weeks of spam history. There are many tests are begin performed for a record to define whether it’s a spam or not.

Database API Prices:



[3] CleanTalk Positive SSL Certificate:

CleanTalk offers the most popular and inexpensive Positive SSL certificate. It also secures your website domain name. SSL certificate protects user’s information which is transmitted over the internet. CleanTalk Positive SSL Certificate at $8.50/year.

Features of Positive SSL Certificate by CleanTalk:

  • Secure a single domain
  • Both and
  • Mobile support
  • 9% browser recognition
  • 2048 bit signature, 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited re-issuance
  • Unlimited server Licenses
  • No paperwork required


[4] WordPress Security:

CleanTalk delivers WordPress security and firewall plugin. It makes your website safe. Hackers want to get access to your website. They use your website to get backlinks. Also, improve their sites PageRank. Hackers redirect your visitors to malicious sites. Send spam and viruses through your website. As a result, These attacks damage your reputation with visitors. It’s common for some WordPress sites to receive thousands of attack every week. However, CleanTalk Security plugin helps you to stop all these attacks on your website.

CleanTalk Security plugin Features:

  • Brute force protection
  • Security report every 24 hours
  • Login attempts and password searching Log
  • User Actions Log (Audit)
  • Blocking Access to your websites by IP, email
  • Blocking access to your website by countries
  • Security traffic Control
  • Usage of the CleanTalk Database of Dangerous IP addresses
  • WordPress Malware scanner
  • Notifications of administrator users, authorizations to your website backend
  • WordPress Web Application Firewall


WordPress Site Security Prices:


[5] Hosting Antispam:

To protect websites from spam and spambots CleanTalk offers website owners and administrators reliable tool. Hosting package allows you to protect even more websites. Certainly from spambots without using access key. It’s most important for Web Hosting companies who want to protect their customers from spam.

In this case, CleanTalk anti-spam uses IP-address to identify customer’s license. This plugin installed on web servers. Depending on your needs CleanTalk offers 3 ways of using this hosting package

  • Without using an access key
  • Separate access keys for each website
  • One access key for all websites

Hosting AntiSpam cost $5 per month per IP.

[6] CleanTalk Spam Firewall:

CleanTalk offers another solution Spam Firewall. It manages and filters all inbound HTTP traffic. It helps to protect your website from spambots. Also, reduce the load on the web servers. It’s an additional and free option in the CleanTalk anti-spam plugin.

How Spam Firewall Works:

It is able to reduce the load on your existing web server. The reporting allows administrators to control the process. Also to be sure of the accuracy of the work.

  • CleanTalk servers use the cloud-based technology to fight spam
  • The visitor enters your website.
  • HTTP request data is check for the nearly 2 million of certain IP spambots
  • If spambot is active it will get a blank page. while, If it’s visitor then proceeds to the site.
  • The parameters are save in the log. Which can be view in the CleanTalk dashboard.
  • Information about an IP address, the date and time of each block spam attack is saved in the log.


Features of CleanTalk Spam Firewall:

  • It significantly reduces the load on your website. Before Hacker have access to your website the spambots are blocked.
  • It prevents scanning of pages of the website spambots.


Reasons to use CleanTalk:

  1. CleanTalk increases the number of registrations. As convenient registration and commenting form are present on a website.
  2. Your time and resources are saved. It allows you to focus on developing and improving the website and business. Don’t get distracted by spam related issues.
  3. There is no puzzle or annoyed captcha present on the website. So visitors like to visit your website regularly.
  4. You need only 5-10 minutes for setup the CleanTalk Plugin. It has detailed setup manual with screenshots of each stage for the installation.
  5. Another CleanTalk prevents a website from rude words. The service is censorship of abusive comments. Messages containing hatred word are automatically sent to the manual moderations.

Finally, CleanTalk helps website owners prevent malicious activity. Even more, they try to make the Internet secure. CleanTalk developed plugins and API for blogs, forums, boards, and website to stop spam. The WordPress Spam protection Plugin, Joomla, Drupal, and other plugin are popular from CleanTalk.

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